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Due to COPYRIGHT LAWS, no books or portions of books will be copied without explicit written permission from the publisher.
The standard turn-around time is 10 business days from date of receipt
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Note: For more complex instructions please email them to [email protected]

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  • Please proof your work, no modifications will be made
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 Copy Center Guidelines

To avoid having your work delayed, please review the following prior to submitting a job:

  • If your original document was scanned, the Copy Center cannot guarantee the quality of the reproduction if scanned at 200 dpi or less. Please scan at 400 dpi or greater to ensure a quality reproduction.
  • All jobs will be reproduced in gray-scale whether or not the original is in color or black & white.
  • To conserve paper, all jobs will be copied back-to-back unless indicated otherwise.
  • If color paper is required, please keep in mind it costs more to purchase!
Copy Center Styles